Yonge Sheppard Animal Hospital

102 – 280 Sheppard Ave E., Toronto, ON M2N 3B1 | 647-260-8387 | yonge.sheppard.vets@gmail.com

Core Values

Compassion for our patients is paramount.

Our team members are our extended family.

Our patients, and their people, are special.

We are transparent and true to our core values.

We are dedicated to continuing education and self- improvement.

Our Veterinarians

Our Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs)

Who keeps the Veterinarians in line and on time? Registered Veterinary Technicians.

 Like their human counterpart, nurses, RVT’s run the show here at Yonge Sheppard Animal Hospital.  If you really want something done… Ask a tech. 

RVTs are the front line health care workers for your pets.  They have completed rigorous post secondary education and passed an uncompromising standardized licensing exam to get where they are.  At Yonge Sheppard Animal Hospitals our techs help our docs, pets and clients with everything from general wellness exams, telehealth and triage, to highly technical work like catheter placement, blood collection and anesthesia.    

So let’s Meet our MVPs:

Customer Service Representatives (CSR)

Like a Chess grandmaster, our CSRs are always three moves ahead of the rest of the team, and are the backbone of the client experience.  


Need to book an appointment for your grandma’s cat or refill a prescription? Ask a CSR.  Need to find out if this rash on your dog’s knee needs to be seen or if snickerdoodles are toxic to cats? A CSR can help. 


From scheduling to triage, CSRs are responsible for orchestrating a seamless client experience.  And it’s not an easy job; dealing with high volumes of questions, managing a demanding schedule, and addressing worried pet parents all while keeping the docs and RVTs in line can be mentally and emotionally taxing.  Our CSRs understand how important it is to feel heard, supported, and understood and they do it all with kindness and compassion – Checkmate.

Jordan's bluesteel

Veterinary Assistants (VA)

More to come…

Kevin is unimpressed with Carlene
Ye with Scooter, looking especially handsome with his bowtie
Marnie and Marco!

Clinic Cat

Meet Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, MD. Rescued by Dr. Chui’s family as a young kitten with a broken leg, Kevin was treated for his injuries, and cared for by the team at Yonge Sheppard Animal Hospital, where he’s been ever since. Don’t let his cute face and medical degree in podiatry fool you! He will pee on your things, including expensive medical equipment. He’s done it before and will do it again!

Kevin’s a lazy cat who will usually be found sleeping in the treatment area, or trying to find food and treats in the clinic garbage cans. With his single braincell and loud purrs, he makes for the best emotional support during some of the toughest days in hospital.

Fun Fact! Kevin was initially named Blu because we thought he was a Russian Blue. We now know that he’s just a trash panda.